Where it all started.

Flexible Pass was founded in March 2017 after he graduated from Founder Institute program, the world’s largest pre-seed accelerator in Yangon through Phandeeyar and Flexible Pass was officially launched in the market in June 2017.Over the years, Flexible Pass’s team has now grown to 16 people and the company is operating in 10 cities of Myanmar with over 200+ locations and over 30+ fitness & wellness activities.In the last few months, Flexible Pass has also launched its corporate wellness program which companies can use to buy Flexible Pass points for their employees to use it for their fitness & wellness needs.

Flexible Pass Advantage

Pay only on the Actual Usage

Pay only based on the actual usage of the employees so no need to worry about wasting money on used points.

Enjoy Activities together as a Team

Use Flexible Pass at over 180 locations and over 30 categories for team building activities to improve communication and teamwork.

Our Corporate Wellness Program

You can buy points as a company with our corporate wellness program and give points to your employees to use Flexible Pass as part of your employee benefits program. It starts from just 10 employees minimum to hundreds of employees for each company so no matter the size of your company you can use our corporate wellness program.


Gym and Fitness Classes

Team Building Activities

Opening Flexible Pass account for all employees of the company

Just let us know the number of employees of the company and we will open Flexible Pass accounts for them and provide detailed instruction guides on how to use.

Track the usage of the points of all employees

Monthly/Bi-weekly reports will be sent to the head of HR of your company so you can see the reports and usage of your employees of Flexible Pass.

Fully customizable points for different type of employees

Customize the number of points you want to give to each employee based on your preference.

Corporate zumba and yoga classes available

Speiclal corporate zumba and yoga classes can be arranged to be done exclusively for your employees either at the studios or at your office.

Our Corporate Clients