As everyone knows, Flexible Pass has added new categories such as wellness, healthy meals and many others to improve customers’ lifestyle. First of all, I’d like to share my experience at GLAM Aesthetique. I went to GLAM Aesthetique as my skin is breaking out because of work and stress.

What I really like about this clinic is that the doctor examines my skin type carefully and then explain the treatment that I needed to get in details. IPL treatment which I was given has 7 steps and it takes about 1 hour to complete the treatment.

After the IPL treatment, I noticed that my skin has become smooth and clear with less acne and blemishes. Now, I can have a flawless makeup look and all my friends are asking me how my skin got so smooth in a short amount of time. You too can have a flawless makeup look. Just book from Flexible Pass to get a treatment at GLAM Aesthetique.